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Who We Are – Web Design and Development Dubai

We, Habib Web technology are the software cum web development organization perpetrated solely for rendering quality and expertise service to the field of application development and enterprise architecture. We are into this line of work so as to serve our innumerable clients who want to meet up with any type of software needs and solutions, we will be helpful to them by identifying, implementing, designing, evaluating and configuring all of their firm’s applications requirements.  We lay our focus on various aspects like reducing the overall cost, optimizing the performance and mitigate the risk factor to a great extent. Our firm is equipped with high level professional and expertise manpower that possess all the needed technical skills and hence we undertake to guarantee our clients a high level of satisfaction when the matter pertains to delivering IT solutions and services. With our experience we are bestowed with a firm and sound domain potentialities.

Murtaza Habibs’ career started in 2000 at Dubai where he started to work as a web designer for top notch corporate firms like Epromosevan, Interactive limited, Ministry of presidential affairs, and Impact BPO. His life took a turn in 2008 wherein he got an opportunity to show his independent skills, and it was then he stepped in to the PMP certified web technology world by working for 4 years with Habib Web technology.

We further would like to state that our in-depth knowledge and experience in this application field will make your application run powerfully as we employ the forefront web based technological skills. Our functioning with our clients starts right from defining the architectural designing objectives and goes on till the application development and implementation process. We provide total rollout support on any aspect and maintain all the applications well.

Areas of Expertise: Habib Web technology possesses the experience in various software development packages like Microsoft Dot net and Java EE. Our skills are highly advanced in handling any type of software architecture, software development, B2B, B2C, database consultancy and more. Our service to Last mile is one of the most trusted areas of service as we provide a diverse array of testing service for the various technologies.

Nothing succeeds like success and so choosing the right partner makes a lot of difference in nay enterprise’s success. Choose the appropriate partner for developing all your EBusiness and software initiatives. We have to our credit many customers who have seen success as they have used our services for their developing applications.

Habib Web Technology specialize in the following areas:

- Software Development

- Enterprise Application Development

- Strategic eBusiness Consulting

- Service Oriented Architecture

- Advance Web Services

- Product eCatalog Systems

- Creative Graphic Design

- Website Design & Development

- Flash Design & Development


- CMS and CRM Systems

- Content Migration Services

- Sharepoint Application

- Mobile Application

- Search Engine Optimization

- Java EE Advanced Enterprise Application Programming

- Blogs, Polls, Surveys & Forms

- eMarketing Campaigns

- Site Globalization

Why Choose Us

Habib Web Technology notifies your business ethics with the help of your business structure and motivate your team by using various research procedures.
Client relationship helps us to achieve the best result. Provide us your business vision we deliver you the basis principal and methods of Habib Web Technology.
Careful observation leads to think more creatively, every design need to have an objective.

Habib Web Technology always create strategy based on your target market

We work hand to hand with out clients to provide them the best and the most creative concepts. Our design speaks out in front of the target audience. Our motto is to satisfy our customer with best creative.

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Design optimization and testing procedure need to be followed before launching. Client satisfaction is a must to make the process live.
Habib Web Technology stand behind for every success of web design and campaign undertaken. we are committed to meet deadline, budget, and evaluate all the campaigns performance based on there objectives.


We at Habib Web Technology provide services in:

Graphic design, Web Design, Web Development, Enterprise Applications, iPhone and Android Apps, eBusiness Solutions, Flash / Flex Applications, Database Consultancy and Solutions, Corporate Branding, Internet Marketing, 3D Modelling, SEO, NDA Plan …

Web Design And Development

Habib Web Technology objectives are always based on your business uniqueness, ranging from generating sales, increasing the brand awareness. Our motto is to go deep inside your business task and produce conceptual and bold design that reflects your business values using today’s web technology using PHP, Dotnet, Jave, SharePoint, Flash etc.

Mobile Applications

Habib Web Technology has successfully delivered projects on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile and Mobile Games for our local and international clients. View folio

Software and Enterprise Applications

Habib Web Technology holds some amazing Web and Desktop based softwares to sell to their clients which are used regularly like – DMS, Quiz Maker Plus, School Mgmt, Inventory Mgmt, Lab Mgmt, Frieght Mgmt, Social Networking, and many more… View folio

SEO & Social Media

Habib Web Technology has a professional teams for promoting and bringing website on top in Google / Bing / Yahoo and other search engines using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.

HabibWT also promote businesses using Social Media tools like Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / StumbleUpon, etc. with Social Media Integration tools.

Corporate Branding

Habib Web Technology have taken full responsibilities for brand management across print and online media, and will always be responsible for handling the creative needs for our clients who understand the true value of corporate branding.

2D and 3D Modelling / Animations

Habib Web Technology has implemented the best quality in delivering projects relevant to cartoon animation, sketch drawing, 3d character modelling, walk through presentation.

Internet Marketing

Even in recession market Habib Web Technolog has proved to be the best service provider in SEO, article writing, E-book selling, social networking application enhancement for our clients based in UK and USA.

Non Disclosure Agreement- NDA Plan

Habib Web Technology understand and respect your work, with our understanding of true value we handle all project relevant to XHtml, Web development, CMS integration, 3D modelling, Flash banners, from all the advertising agencies under strict NDA.