Partner with Us

If you want to have an uninterrupted success then it is ideal that you build a strong relationship with us. If you want to take your company to heights and get recognized globally, then you have to maintain a sound collaboration and leverage your mutual strength all across the world. This will aid in your market penetration with sound offerings, new domain and reach new horizon market. This may seem to be an insurmountable job but strategic partnership coupled with sound alliances will help you in work literally and make your company successful.

We have always maintained an aboveboard approach and hence we have to our credentials innumerable client’s confidence. We thrive hard and maintain high level of quality service by putting in our hard work and we have earned a sound reputation in this software development field. Our strategic partnerships with our clients have earned us this success and this is the reason for the clients to reach us every time with fresh opportunities as they know no one else can better handle their work than us.

Maintenance and servicing sections are rather a tough job as you have to be in par with present competitive and demanding environment. Whether you are Software Company or an independent consultant we will help you to explore new horizons by working with you – we will share your perils and revenue.

To provide more value to end customers we actively seek to form strategic alliances with those having strong client base in different countries. We are looking for partners in following areas:

Software Companies

We at Habib Web Technology want to work on software development and help the service company in leveraging their resources and enhance the customer’s value. Our broad experience with an offshore outsourcing work will help you to create an innovative software resolution with high level of reliability and trust. We want accessible partners who can reach the end customers and provide great customer feel. Being an outsourcing collaborator we will offer you a team that has international expertise in outsourcing your software needs and can render you a profitable venture in earning more money. We work on our clients behalf and enhance profit, efficiency and growth.

Independent consultants

Suppose you are domain expert or independent consultant software, you can now very well integrate your services along with us and render an offshore or onshore solution. We are open to speak with you on this regard of partnering. You can use our skills, experience and portfolio for your betterment. As we work on your behalf, you can very well use our brand name and represent the same with your clients and work better.

Reseller Partnership

We would like partnering with you if you want to sell our software service or outsource our services with your/our brand name and you’ve established the marketing channel.


Some highlights of our business practice are:

  • High level of confidentiality in our outsourcing
  • Punctuality in project completion
  • Quality assurance
  • Reasonable price
  • Terms and contracts are clear-cut
  • Assistance to our clients during critical phases
  • Programmers work  independently or as a virtual team
  • Our contract/relationship is only with you and we will not reach your customers