2D and 3D Development

2D / 3D Services

Habib Web Technology offers development for the 2D and 3D models, 2D and 3D animations, story board service for the live action movies and animation films. We provide our end users with fullest assistance and hence they can enjoy the dynamic and powerful 2D and 3D visual feel. Customers will be able to browse the net, watch videos and play games in a much better way.

2D and 3D Development

  • Development of brain based games
  • 3D model generation, parameters, control data and properties
  • Shape, image and graphic processing
  • Graphic controls and customized plug-ins
  • Powerful chart controlling for window apps and web pages

Technologies: HTML5 WebGL, three.js, OpenGL ES, JavaScript, Flash Away 3D, C#, Objective-C iPhone/iPad 2D/3D development, Unity, Maya

Platforms: Windows application, webpage, iPhone/iPad

2D/3D Animation

To serve the entertainment, film field and advertising firms we provide 2D cum 3D modeling with 2D and 3D simulation, this will turn your concepts and ideas to real life. We are specialized in the below mentioned arenas as well:

  • Product animation and character animations for the broadcasting firms and for the on-line advertising campaign
  • Developing characters for cartoons, films and movies (short and long ones)
  • Architecture modeling and landscapes
  • Animating websites

Software: Photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, RealFlow, Unfold

2D/3D Storyboarding

The artist in the storyboard section have more than ten years of skilled experience in this and hence they will be able to work upon your script with better visualization of ideas and deliver you an animation that looks lively.
Visual information from the 2D and the 3D will be delivered to you with utmost sharpness and each frame will depict the preciseness, we are specialized in the below mentioned types too:

  • Storyboard composing
  • Color – ink – pencil story board.

Software: Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Premiere, Cool Edit Pro (Adobe Audition)

3D (Architectural Renderings)

Our professional artist team work in collaboration with the developers, interior designers and architects and create a realistic and stunning architectural rendering and make the work lively and attractive.

We also work as an independent visualization specialist for your projects or can work as add-on with your in-house team and give our support in the rendering, modeling and other related works whenever needed.

We provide high end architectural renderings, animations and related services to Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Developers, Urban Planners, Real Estate Professionals, Media Houses, Product Manufacturers and end users globally.

We are a one stop shop to create a marketing concepts along with plans, designs and visuals for builders, architects to help sell a particular property or a development.

To get an idea of our quality please copy paste the link and check a few of our samples.

Latest Renderings 



Animation and Walkthrough 



Top Class Animation link for a Developer 



Commercial Renderings 



Still Images:
Exterior Rendering – Single Family
- Hyper Realistic
- Water Color- Night / Dark Renderings

Exterior Rendering – Multi Family
- High Rise

Interior Renderings:
- Bedroom / Family / Dinning / Living
- Kitchens

Interior Renderings:
- Bedroom / Family / Dinning / Living
- Kitchens

Ariel Renderings:
- 3d Site Maps
- Floor Plans
= 2d color Floor plan
= 3d Floor plan

- Exterior fly through and drive through
- Interior Walk through

- Interactive
= Spin Views
- Ext Single Family
- Int Living / Din / Bed
= Interactive Walk through
= Configuration

360 Degree Virtual Tour

The next best part from our side is the virtual touring and the photography part; it is like as if you are present there.

With the 360 degree virtual tour you will be able to view and experience any location. You have the Hotspot to know further about architecture, you can use the floor plan to locate whichever room you want to in any building.

Interactive media is one media that is being used worldwide because of the advent and rise of many devices such as IPhone and IPad. So nowadays photos are no more an illustration they are a self-education tool. Our virtual tour is custom built as per the client’s need – and they will fit into your website and branding totally.

Corporate Videos

Every company would love to have a video of their brand gist in a beautiful and attractive way; we provide this quality fast moving video to our clients. Whatever may be your requirements, be it the training or educational or web video, we promise to deliver an excellent work in this sphere that will enhance your staff, throw away your competitors and give your company an everlasting impression and image. Our team is innovative, professional, creative and highly dynamic in this video production activity and our professionals will deliver you a breathtaking lively videography.

Corporate Presentations

Presentation is also another medium which shows and explains the audience and the learner about any topic or work. These types of presentations take many forms as they are real life situations. For a business there will be necessity of motivational, sales, interviews, encounters, status report, informational, image building and many such more presentations. These play an inevitable role in the company’s growth and success. This type of corporate presentations is the innovative way of conducting meetings and will create a great effect on the audience because of the visual medium. This will help the audience to take a correct decision within a short span of time.