Lead Generation

Build Brand and Get Traffic!

Lead Generation

  • Are you not getting sufficient new lead for your website?
  • Is there a significant drop in your conversion rate (leads to sales)?
  • Has the ROI reduced considerably?
  • Has the mailing list in email stale?

How Does Lead Generation Work?

Many agencies will provide this service of lead generation for a considerable cost, this process is actually is simple and easy. The company will develop partnership or make a website with various other websites and they will advertise and promote your service or product. The consumers will be able to access your site from the information sites or directories and will complete the online request quote form. This is then submitted to the concerned company, then the information of the buyer is checked or verified and this is then matched with the suitable provider.  Now this matched lead will be sent an email of their prospective providers and the full contact address and information is given so they can make their purchase.

What Business Industries use Lead Generation?

This type of lead generation is useful for any businesses. The main industries which use this marketing strategy are the educational institutions, brokers, furniture stores, office suppliers and online stores. It is believed that this trend will continue and there will more popularity of this technique in the succeeding years too mainly for the service targeted business firms.

Why Use Lead Generation?

This type of lead generation proves to be successful for the sellers and buyers as well. The purchaser will be able to place request information with the various business firms that provide their needed service or product and the sellers get an opportunity to deliver their service/product to the one who is in need of it. The conversion rate is too high in this type of strategy in comparison with the cold contacts as the prospects are prequalified even before you get the leads.

Lead generation has become popular with businesses because it enables a business to:

  • Determining the cost on the basis of per lead
  • Select the service/product as per their choice
  • Pick up any geographical location wherein the business wants to
  • Have a control on the business leads they want to get monthly ( to help them in their budgeting)
  • Payment can be made only for the received leads.

Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Services Dubai

The marketing medium of internet provides exceptional sales apart from developing a great brand name for both the medium and small sized firms. This type of internet marketing will be cost effective to a great extent as they provide many distinct merits which the conventional type of advertising will be unable to provide. In this type of advertising both the small and large business get their part of advantages and no firm can overrule the other unlike as it happens in the traditional advertising.

The internet marketing lays its focus on two main goals: generate the traffic for your website like increasing the sales, increase the leads prospects, and also enhance your brand value. These two goals get accomplished on a new dimension because of internet marketing.

Build Traffic: Search Engines, Banners and Beyond

So by now the recurring theme would have been noticed by you, the presence of an internet is useless, unless and until the customers find you on it, being found is the main success of internet strategy and this plays a chief role in the internet solution. Luckily the internet provides innumerable ways so that you can enhance your site visibility online.

The SEM is the best and strong way to generate more traffic for your website. The search engines are the top method which the consumers look out for while they want to make any online search. The business will be able to get more traffic, prospects and more if they are able to get placed in the top pages or ranks when the products or services are searched upon some specific keyword. You will be able to convert the interest in to sale only when you employ the right buying cycle and the experienced sellers employ this method to reach their potential consumers. The search engines possess a unique ability as they connect the buyer with the seller within few moments.  Only they can make this connection.

Five Reasons You Need a Search Engine Marketing Strategy:

  • Construct an ongoing flow of profitable customers for your site
  • Get connected with your customers during the decision-making phase
  • Target only on the relevant keyword and invest aptly on that ad expenditure
  • Cost effective method for your company expansion
  • If you don’t reach your customers your competitors they will reach your competitors.

You can employ the other methods to generate traffic when you are unable to reach your customers are they are not savvy searchers. Some of the methods which can be employed in this scenario are banner ads, link exchange, offline promotional activity (in this the people are directed to your website sales page). You can succeed well with these modes too but you have to make sure that the ads reach the right audience at the correct time. So you have to recognize your people and find them on time wherever they may be. The internet is the best place which can assist you in this process as they will help you to get the fullest information of the respective prospects, the internet consultant will also be able to guide you in this process and help you to merit from your online marketing strategy.

Build Customer Relations using Email Marketing – Fast, Affordable and Effective

Email marketing strategy when executed aptly will be highly effective. They are affordable and almost all the industries support this system of marketing. This is the best counterpart to the traditional type of direct mailing, the emailing marketing strategy provide an unprecedented targeting potentials thus enabling you to modify your messages in a more appealing way so that you can get better response rates.

Developing client email listing has to be the top preference for the business entrepreneurs. This doesn’t mean merely collecting the names and their addresses. In this type of emailing marketing strategy, the consultants at the Habib Web Technology will be able to categorize the clients on any of the criteria you would to, this is crucial as if only you pass on the relevant message to your recipient you will be able to get better results. You can conduct a promotion for your customers based on any attribute like area, or region or ZIP code. You can send various messages to the male customers particularly or to the female customers mainly, you will be able to get categorize your clients based on the specific item they have purchased from you. And with this information you will be able to convey or notify them the discounts, styles, models and new accessories as they arrive then and there. Your expertise consultant in internet will be able to help you in this marketing technique in an easy and quick manner.

The Top 3 Advantages of Email Marketing:

  • Advertising cost is too less per unit
  • Makes aware of your brands and the offerings on go.
  • Unparalleled client targeting with excellent tracking ability

So why is email marketing important to your business?

To put in simple terms, the consumers of present generation have short memory whereas their buying list is large and lengthy, so to keep in regular touch with your old consumers you will have to keep reminding them of your business survival and that you are glad to have them as your prestigious customers. You can post regular newsletters, announcements and convey promotional offers to them frequently and this way you will be able to stay forever in their mind. They would love your appreciation and the way you are in touch with them regularly. Emailing strategy is all about developing a sound customer loyalty and this is possible only through internet.

Build Your Brand: Big Branding on a Budget

Apart from the sales and traffic generation benefits from the internet marketing technique, one more benefit that can’t be neglected is the “brand image” of the business owners, this concept is not reserved mainly for the international or big national companies, which shell out dollars and dollars to get a sound brand name by way of advertising. It is true that these companies used to spend million dollars before to get this brand name, but then the internet emerged and started to play a significant role in this field. The appreciation goes to the internet nature as they help even the small business firms to get recognized online in this competitive field. These small companies without shelling many dollars are able to get a sound brand image and are able to promote their products and services. This type of professional looking internet solution suits even the low budgeted firms.

To speak the truth today even the biggest company relies upon the internet mode to get brand name as they get this asset without spending on TV commercials, ad campaigns and flashy cut outs. Rather these firms trust on the reliable and solid internet solution to market their products and brand name. A sound customer growth base is possible only by way of banners, search engines and link sharing as they will enable your site with heavy traffic. This will build a strong owner-client relationship as the customers are aware of the products offers and services and the most demanded and available.

The internet works wonderfully over here, with the help of an internet consultant you can transform your business into an effective, innovative and successful e-business and all this is possible with low-cost internet marketing technique.

Do you want this type of result? You can feel free to get connected with us today and we will customize the apt internet marketing strategy suitable for your corporate.