Social Media

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
We help our clients to build deep meaningful relationships with their customers and prospects via Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Why perform Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Of late we are hearing a plenty of the hypes and buzzes relating to the social media. Many businesses want to know if this social media is merely a vogue and whether it can be used in the real world to become more “social”.

Social media in reality is changing mainly our communicative techniques. It has given a great effect on our learning, our way of sharing experience, and all the more our purchasing decisions too.

Since the customers are adaptable to such changes, the businesses also should change for the betterment. From the angle of business perspective this SMM provides a great opportunity to mix up with prospects and customers at a deep level than it was before.

Is Social Media Marketing just Facebook and Twitter?

Having a Twitter or a Facebook account for any business needs and plastering the links with these social networking sites for your website are not only ineffective but rather dangerous too for employing the SMM strategy.

Social media doesn’t mean technologies, tools and platforms but they are actually all about the relationships and conversations developed. They refer to sharing of the encountered experience and the cultivated connections by means of common interest.

For the business perspective, this is a chance to develop relationship and get connected with the customers in a deep, insightful and meaningful manner.

How can we help you with Social Media Marketing?

Habib Web Technology will help and assist you in this SMM understanding, and enable your company to go beyond your expectations and reach all your countless followers and fans.

Initially we have to understand about your business, the related goals, the brand used by you, your target marketing place and everything? Which marketing forms were incorporated by you for the marketing mix and what all were successful before? Whether you will be able to manage this SMM technique on your own or you will need assistance?

The answers to the above mentioned questions will help us to serve your SMM needs better. So once we are done with this initial study of research we will recommend you the needed specific activity, and inform you whether you will need the Facebook marketing or the Social media integration through the mobile apps and so on.

You can feel comfortable to call us any time or come over for a cup of coffee at the Habib web technology and we will be glad to discuss with you regarding your business and value your valuable thoughts and suggestions to leverage from the SMM.