Web Design and Development

As we Habib Web Technology, uses the latest technologies like ASP.net, PHP, Silverlight, Java and HTML we are able to provide you with high level of quality service with cost officious web design and development solutions. All our developing services are specifically tailored to encounter the requirements of our clients and their business objectives. We are renowned in rendering complex functionalities of web application with high level of performance and are hence commercially successful too.

The service of web design and development from HabibWT enables the firm’s to decrease their marketing time, get nearer to the clients and attain everlasting profitable growth.

You can become web connected easily as we help you with this by giving solutions such as:

  • Legacy application web enablement
  • Strategy development through internet
  • E-commerce development, E-business development, web design and development, intranet / extranet development solutions.
  • Network management, BPM and dedicated customs apps for the supply series management.
  • Developing community site and portal resolutions

Over the time, our applications have provided client benefits like:

  • Enhanced the efficiency of the business processes
  • Increased Growth at both top and bottom level
  • Internet legacy application usages
  • Workforce productiveness – improvement and monitoring
  • ROI improvement
  • Strong client relation base & lower customer support

Application Development Process

Feasibility Analysis:
For any projects success, feasibility plays a very crucial role, it is not necessary that a product or any application which was feasible earlier will remain the same at the later stage also, the potential future scenario is identified and the needed economical and technical feasibility studies are conducted to determine the goals and the development necessities.

System Analysis and Prototyping (Iterative):
Based upon the requirements of the clients, the system analyzing and the prototyping are done. The user interface designing and the related functionalities are also carried on at this level.

Coding is done over here grounded on the prototypes and the system analysis.

Once the implementation process is completed the needed product test and the requirement testing are done.